I’d never heard of a “Tweet Chat” so when asked to do one for an audience of ~15,000 professionals next week, it sounded like a good time. Being well above the 35 years-of-age-and-under demographic that thrives on Twitter, I’m a newbie to the social media outlet—using it mostly as a “cheat sheet” of topics with which I want to stay current like energy policies, global politics, and of course the Louisville Cardinals’ basketball team.

age_distributionBesides, Twitter gives me something to do during that awkward moment on the train or in the airport when you have the choice to stare at your shoes or at all the strangers around you (which I highly recommend trying someday, it makes them quite nervous!)

Advertising has been turned on its head the last 5 years thanks to the boost social media has given to traditional “word of mouth”. According to resent research, 90 percent of people turn to friends for brand recommendations and are 71 percent more likely to buy a product if someone referred it to them on social media. What does this mean for BBI?

Whilst BBI is not aiming for general public sales, referrals about our top practices among professional social media networks certainly may help. Martin Brown (Fairsnape, UK) and Andrea Learned (LearnedOn, Seattle WA) co-host a monthly Tweet Chat aimed at sustainable-minded professionals. After reading my blog “5 Epic Mistakes of Sustainability in Higher Education” at www.AASHE.org, they asked me to be the guest for the #SustLdrConv Tweet Chat on 2 September at 7:00 PM GMT, 2:00 PM Eastern Time.

If you’re stuck on a train or on a marathon conference call that has derailed (jk), hop on your Twitter account and toss in a few comments—it will be neat to show our presence across the globe!  Just log into Twitter, go to the search bar at the top and type “#SustLdrConv” to follow the conversation.  Any comments made during the chat would also need #SustLdrConv so they will show up in the feed. You can also follow me @TCInnovator.