Join Balfour Beatty and supply chain partners from across the U.S. at the First Annual Strategic Procurement Partnering Session held December 5, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM in Atlanta. This important event will give existing partners the opportunity to expand existing relationships with Balfour Beatty and create new opportunities in the program and with other partners. Key session objectives include:

  • Introducing new Balfour Beatty partner champions and what this means for you as a partner in 2019.
  • Understanding partner specific opportunities within the Balfour Beatty organization and the best process to follow to achieve success.
  • Evaluating the Balfour Beatty Strategic Procurement program–As a participant in the program alongside Balfour Beatty and other participants, learn how the program operates from within Balfour Beatty and be a part of  determining what the collective lessons learned and opportunities are for expansion, including:
    • What’s working
    • What’s not working
    • What actions we’ve already taken to leverage what’s working and improve what’s not
    • Innovation – What does it mean to this program and how do we best incorporate it into the Balfour Beatty business?
  • Developing a program-wide Strategic Procurement Action Plan– Understand what the overall Balfour Beatty goal for Strategic Procurement in 2019 is, and be a part of mapping out what we need to do both collectively as a program and individually as partners to drive this value to our customers and respective companies.

Balfour Beatty has asked Cole Scott Group to facilitate the partnering session strategic and content oversight, participant engagement, registration process, and future planning for this event*. To cover event costs, each registered partner will contribute $640 each and may send up to two representatives to the partnering session.

Don’t be left out! Take advantage of the opportunity to meet with your Balfour Beatty Strategic Procurement leadership, representatives and other partners in the program and help Balfour Beatty help you grow your company’s partnership through the strategic procurement process. Email: today to register and receive suggested accommodations and payment details. Location is: 600 Galleria Pkwy #1500, Atlanta, GA 30339. For questions, contact Emily Violette, 678-294-5987.

*Balfour Beatty is not benefiting financially in any way from this session.