Become an Agile Organization through Innovation and Inclusion

This topic has been requested by groups of CEOs, Chief Innovation Officers, sales directors and others. It explains the need for organizational agility, introduces the types of innovation, discusses what works (and does not work) in implementing innovation programs, and how inclusion is critical for business success.

How to Start a Successful Innovation Initiative

Companies often repeat the same mistakes of “copy and paste” innovation and try to leverage education to change organizational culture. The facts are, those techniques don’t work. Hear how to create and implement a successful innovation initiative that will identify solutions, improve engagement and boost profits.

The New Face of Diversity

This presentation introduces the expanded, modern suite of diversity: demographic, cognitive, and cybernetic. We highlight why traditional diversity programs have failed and identify the importance of variation and inclusion in the workplace. Solutions are aimed at increased innovation and profitability.

Changing Behavior

Habits are 90% of what we do every day. Whether it’s changing behavior about a new organizational structure, sustainability, innovation, diversity, or even fitness, the same techniques apply. This presentation leaves the “fluff” behind and focuses on the “stuff” that really works to drive change. Our work has been published in multiple textbooks and periodicals, and been shared with universities and businesses in the U.S., UK and Australia.

Debate Moderation

Whether it’s a Transportation Bill debate or a Mayoral debate, Tabitha has experience driving targeted questions, keeping participants on track, and understanding key content for constituents.