The planning process begins with an executive strategy workshop to understand and articulate the organization’s desired position on the growth cycle. A Strategic Diversity Plan is created to improve corporate agility and profits by:

  • Identifying gaps between a company’s desired strategy and the cognitive preferences of its employees, and
  • Implementing tools and processes that bring employee strengths in alignment with corporate strategy

Employees that clearly understand their strengths are empowered to maximize personal contribution. Studies show engaged employees have 5 times longer retention and 37% more sales, on average.Cole Scott Group has an international team of certified experts who may administer cognitive diversity tools, such as the Human Insights’ AEM CUBE. These assessments provide educational tools and coaching opportunities that align an individual’s strengths with management’s strategy.

The Innovation Lab, or “i-Lab” process has been created, developed and tested globally by the team at Cole Scott Group over many years. i-Lab developed as a way to identify, analyze and recommend effective implementation of future trends that fit each unique business. Cole Scott Group knows how to implement change. The i-Lab is a way for any company to systematically identify, evaluate and execute strategic initiatives.

Cole Scott Group created a global information platform for strategic diversity that brings together experts to increase profits and innovation. We believe in diversity as a collective mix of strengths that improves corporate agility by making the best use of resources (human, financial, operational etc.) Our platform focuses on gender/race/preference-blind, quantitative tools that neutralize the conversation about diversity and improves communications both internal and external to organizations.