Cole Scott Group helps organizations IDENTIFY what energizes employees. Check out this exclusive interview about finding untapped potential in your company.  The next step leverages an i-Lab process to IGNITE an agile culture. Finally, Cole Scott Group works with leaders to INTEGRATE a cognitively diverse and inclusive organization. Strategic diversity increases profits, agility and creativity.

Is the right person in the right role to actualize potential? We can find out together. Cole Scott Group has an international team of certified experts who may administer cognitive diversity tools, such as the new cybernetic-based, 3-D Human Insights’ AEM-Cube. These assessments provide educational tools and coaching opportunities that align an individual’s strengths with management’s strategy. Employees that clearly understand their strengths are empowered to maximize personal contribution. Studies show engaged employees have 5 times longer retention and 37% more sales, on average. Read our AEM-Cube FAQs here.

The Innovation Lab, or “i-Lab” process has been created, developed and tested globally by the team at Cole Scott Group over many years. i-Lab developed as a way to identify, analyze and recommend effective implementation of future trends that fit each unique business. Cole Scott Group knows how to implement change. The i-Lab is a way for any company to systematically identify, evaluate and execute strategic initiatives. It is based on existing strategy and market needs, so it creates the ability to turn cost centers (like diversity, sustainability and innovation) into profit centers. Download i-Lab FAQs.

CSG provides fun, interactive, and engaging content that supports existing leadership development initiatives and introduces innovation through cognitive diversity and inclusion. The workshops include: custom learning activities, presentation of relevant industry information, proven techniques for delivering change, and interactive guidance to help participants implement their own successful innovation initiative.

  • “Tabitha’s knowledgeable, fun, and enthusiastic presentation at our conference had leaders on their feet and engaged in high impact activities. She provided a unique perspective of innovation and agility through cognitive diversity, inclusion, and behavior change. Everything was tied to business growth and getting things done. I would recommend Tabitha as a guest speaker for leaders looking for creative, practical solutions to innovation.” --Nicolás Lopez, Partner, Bain Consulting Company (Madrid, Spain)
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