I’ve been in business 46 years now with a half a dozen startups under my belt and I’ve seldom come across as talented a leader as Tabitha Scott. We go back to sometime in the early 90’s when she joined our electronic processing startup.  Before long, she was taking on projects and executing new initiatives in a business environment that was like the wild west, i.e. you could tell the pioneers because they were the ones dodging the arrows! She successfully navigated everything from electronic consumer loan payments to military air travel credit to the Department of Defense’s new privatized housing program.  In this last area, Tabitha became CEO of the business unit and established a thought leadership position for us that resulted in a lion’s share of the market as well as a very sustainable market position for the future.

In my latest startup, Wind Energy Corporation, she raised millions in angel capital to help get the company off the ground–Ford Motor Company recently announced an exclusivity agreement to place our company’s wind turbines at their dealerships.  Seldom do you find that combination of someone who’s accomplished, intelligent, inspirational, and a joy to work with. I can’t wait to see what Tabitha does next. – Jim