Demetria Miles-McDonald

Demetria Miles-McDonald is the Founder and CEO of Decide Diversity, a company focused on increasing the presence and effectiveness of underrepresented groups in the workplace, specifically in leadership positions. Demetria specializes in bringing the experiences of people who identify with two or more marginalized groups to the forefront, to better understand and utilize the strengths they bring to the workplace. Demetria’s experience in industrial and organizational psychology have energized her to take action and lead today’s leaders away from stereotypes and bias that prevent qualified people from reaching their highest potential.

Demetria’s powerful presentations and workshops make leaders think outside the box and consider solutions that move organizations forward. As a partner to many leaders around the country, Demetria works side by side with teams to increase diversity and improve inclusionary behavior in an effort to positively impact business results. Demetria’s unique perspective as an intersectional employee, leader, and researcher brings clarity, freshness, and focus to issues at
work that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Demetria was recently awarded the Member of the Year award from the National Association of Women Business Owner Kentucky chapter. Demetria is also a 2017 Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Award Nominee. Both awards were presented due to Demetria’s work in diversity and inclusion in the community.