It was my pleasure to host Tabitha Crawford at Campbellsville University on Wednesday, September 10, 2014.  Ms. Crawford led two presentations. First she spoke to a campus wide convocation and shared her own personal journey to sustainability. Secondly, she led in a Symposium on Climate & Sustainability. As part of her presentation she gave specifics for dealing with sustainability, allowed for student interaction through a real-time online survey, and provided a challenge for dealing with sustainability as individuals. The symposium included responses to Ms. Crawford from professors in the Department of Natural Sciences, the School of Business & Accounting and the School of Theology.

Ms. Crawford presented herself in a professional and accessible manner. She was well received in both of the programs that she participated and created an atmosphere of discussion among students and faculty at the university. 

J. Dwayne Howell, PhD

Professor of Old Testament & Hebrew, School of Theology, Campbellsville University